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A double-blade guillotine mechanism allows for consistently precise cuts. With the two blades sliding seamlessly towards the middle, cutting cigars becomes effortless and much more convenient. No more torn wrappers or wasted tobacco

But our double guillotine cigar cutter is not just about performance–it looks just as great as it cuts. The combination of stainless steel, dark wood, and brass accents gives our cutter a luxurious and elegant appeal. The wooden handles are untreated, thus leaving the natural characteristics and beauty of the Zebra wood on full display.

Our cigar cutter is designed with a 22mm hole. With this size, you’ll have a handy cutter at your disposal, whether you smoke a Petit Corona, a large ring Belicoso, or anything else under 55 gauge.

Chicago Smokes Double Blade Guillotine Cigar Cutter

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