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Diverse City is a virtual city that embellishes the belief in strong social structure and the importance of diverse cultural influences.  We create the ideas and programs that garner effective social programs, special events, and marketing for products and services that target these diverse groups.  In addition to providing these services we produce and distribute various products that are created to satisfy the needs of generations X and Y.  Diverse City is committed to providing keen insight to various corporations and organizations that are trying to establish market share within generations X and Y.​

Though the work put forth with other organizations, Diverse City founders began to assess the true needs of an entertainment-based company within Chicago. To be truly successful within the Chicago market this entertainment company must be multi-faceted and address the needs of the community as well as entertain. This idea was tested though other ventures such as the Atom, METI, and Gallery 37 which proved its success capabilities. Therefore in September 28th 2000 Diverse City was born. 

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