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This Black Agenda is birthed out of the necessity of a powerful people to reclaim its freedom from the oppression of those who wish to do us harm. With one voice we say no more—as we move onward in the struggle, we are on the cusp of a great victory.

The NBACChicago Board of Directors wishes to first acknowledge those that have come before us and developed a Black Agenda ; we build upon the work of those that stretch back to the first National Black events held in Cincinnati, Ohio in the 1820’s and the first National Black Political Convention held in Philidelphia, Pennsylvania in 1830 (followed in 1832, 1833, 1835 and 1855).

At key junctures in American history, African American communities have hosted political conventions as a means to organize, focus on important issues, and demand effective action. Outstanding among them are conventions in 1840 in Albany, NY; 1875 in New Orleans, LA; 1905 in Niagara, NY; 1972 in Gary, IN; the 2004 National Black Agenda Conference held in Boston, Mass; and the 2012 National Black Agenda Convention – Virtual Conference in Chicago, Ill.

National Black Agenda

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